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About MigrainePad

MigrainePad is the realization of a long-running vision for a shared migraine journal. As life-long migraine sufferers, we have long sought answers to our own migraines. After much searching, MigrainePad became the inevitable next step in this quest. We hope others will agree and join us in trying to unravel this age-old mystery.

Founded in the summer of 2006 by Josh Michaels and Omar Colon, the project has grown far beyond our initial conception for a web-based journal. In just a few months we managed to create the basis for a rich on-line community. We have done this while keeping a strict principle of people before profit, avoiding any compromises of community or honesty for money.

While the site in its current form is far from the complete vision, we have found just what is here to be helpful to us in our own quests. We are releasing the site in alpha form to start the process of building community as quickly as possible.

Our long-term goals are ambitious:

  1. Create an on-line community of migraine sufferers, experts, and friends who are actively engaged in trying to understand the condition.
  2. Directly improve the lives of migraine sufferers worldwide by providing tools and information that will empower them to take control of their condition.
  3. Enable scientists and researchers working on migraine to make broad new discoveries about the condition through the creation of a large living empirical research database focused on migraine.
If you suffer from migraine and would like to be among the first to join this community, please sign up for our waiting list. We will be growing the community in small steps and inviting those on the list to join first. If you are interested in contribuiting to the project in any way or would like more details on what exactly we are building, please contact us.